Tom and Marta began sharing a studio space in Woking in 2015 after Marta decided to pursue the trade of handmade products full-time. From November 2018 the studio was moved to Bracknell, Berkshire.

With a background in design, Tom has a colourful aesthetic and an experimental approach to shape. Marta's customer service experience informs her professional touch. We both have very different artistic visions, but share the same passion for craft and quality. Our mission is to brighten homes all over the world with beautiful yet durable everyday products made of sheepskin and/or sheep wool.

The genuine sheepskin rugs we provide are the finest quality made from British, Icelandic, Dutch and German sheep. We also stock sheepskin rugs made of Polish sheep from the heart of Podhale - Nowy Targ. Our warm slippers are handmade by hard-working Góralki and we have full control over the production process.

We specialise in genuine sheepskin rugs and throws where each of them is personally selected by us to match our criteria of quality, size and thickness.

You are very welcome to visit our on-line store and pick the sheepskin you really like. Also, you can always visit our Woking studio for the flexibility to get the rug of your dreams.

Have a lovely time with our sheepskins! 


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