Relugan Sheepskin Blanket. Maxi Cosi seat cover

Relugan Sheepskin Blanket. Maxi Cosi seat cover


Relugan Sheepskin Blanket is designed as a baby blanket. It can be used in a pram, a crib or as a safety chair cover ie. Maxi Cosi. It’s incredible soft and short haired. It was tanned in eco Relugan tan.

Size Small: 85-90cm long / 55-60cm wide

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Healing sheepskin - Relugan - heat, and health for your baby. Footwear, sleeping bags, warmers and special baby mats ensure that the Relugan or natural sheepskin has unique properties: - medicinal - helps to relieve pain, helps neutralize the action of negative magnetic fields and water veins, gently and fluffy bristles, relaxing; - thermoregulatory - sheepskin fibers have the ability to shrink and expand - these characteristics make the child much less sweaty on warmer days, and in the freezing does not freeze; - antibacterial - d. The sheepskin structure is a protein that creates a hostile environment for dangerous bacteria and viruses; - self-cleaning - sheep's wool contains lanolin, which by coating each hair destroys bacteria and mites so that the skin is easy to keep clean; - anti-allergic. Due to its many health properties, natural sheepskin specialists recommend to children and people with rheumatism and joint problems.