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We do not alter sheepskins to the specific shape as we believe that a genuine look is all that matters in interior styling. Soft and fluffy Angielka.

Sheepskin shape, texture. supplies only natural, genuine sheepskins which are made of sheep raised for meat. Our 100% natural sheepskins are tanned using only safe and environmentally friendly tanning techniques. As the sheepskins are natural products they may have little variations in shape, colour and texture. We do not alter sheepskins to a specific shape as we believe that a genuine look is all that matters in interior styling.

The texture of sheepskin depends on the breed of sheep and the season of the year in which it was sheared.

Rugs made of British sheep (Angielka) are very soft and fluffy. They are characterized by a straight hair at the base up to 6 cm in length and a swirl above. We suggest using them as throws or a rug if the hair is short.

Sheepskins made of German (Niemka) sheep are also soft and fluffy, but their hair is straight from base to top. Our suggestion is to use them as rugs as it is much easier to look after them and keep in good condition.

Baranica made of Polish sheep has strong, straight, long hair and very often has dark cream colour. Mostly it is soft and fluffy, with very long hair, but some rugs feel rough to the touch. They are all unique and pretty rare.

Each sheepskin has its own individuality and each of them offers a different feeling to the touch. You may like some and dislike others. You may like some and dislike others. We always welcome our customers to personally visit our studio giving them time to pick the sheepskin they love.

Angielka, you can see the hairs are curly on top. We measure the sheepskin straight instead of diagonally as our competitors do.

How we measure the sheepskin

Unlike our competitors, we measure the sheepskins along with a straight line, not diagonally. It means that you know exactly how long the rug is. They are measured on the fur side between the longest and widest points.

You may think that our rugs are smaller than rugs sold by our competitors, e.g. on eBay. But actually, ours are bigger! For example a rug which in our store is 115cm long, our competitors would say is at least 120cm; similarly one of our 130cm rugs might be listed as 140cm on eBay. This is because eBay sellers often measure diagonally. As the price of rugs depends on the length of the skin, hence our competitors like to add a few centimetres!

We focus on quality instead of length. I'm sure you know - 'the longest doesn't mean the best' :)

Herdwick sheep. Look after your rug and love it for years.

Take care of your sheepskin

To enjoy sheepskin for a long time it's very important to look after it. As everything, it needs to be cleaned.

The easiest way to keep the rug clean is simply to give it regular brushing and take it outside for a good, strong shake. We strongly recommend you do not wash the rugs, as the structure of the leather will lose its properties and will become hard-stone. You can use special foams to clean the fleece, but you still need to keep the skin dry.


We hope all the information above helps you make a decision to buy a sheepskin rug from us that you love.

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